Whirlpool 3LWTW4705FW Washing Machine

Whirlpool 3LWTW4705FW Washing Machine

This washing machine is manufactured by Whirlpool, which is a USA-based top emerging company. The machine comes with 15KG weight holding capacity, which is a very high weight holding ability of the Whirlpool washing machine. So, if you have a huge family and high bulk of washable laundry, there would be no issue with this washing machine. It washes all your clothes or laundry with full efficiency in a single term.

Manufacturers of Whirlpool provide this machine with 21 washing programs. In this way, there are a lot of options and functions to wash all the types of dirty clothes such as kitchen hardest stained clothes, baby clothes, wool clothes, and much more. If we talk about its rotation speed or rounds in a minute, it has 660 RPM, which is a little bit slower than other machines. But, handling a high burden of washable laundry, this speed is optimum. So, in this case, the machine is not overall slow in its efficiency.

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Other than this, the Whirlpool washing machine comes with 1006 mm height, 686 mm depth, and 699 mm width. This brand new washing machine has 4 temperature adjustment modes such as tap cold, cold, warm, and hot as well. In this way, according to weather conditions and the nature of stains, you can select any mode as you want to wash your clothes. The company provides a 1-year warranty, so, if you found any issue in this machine, the company repairs it without any cost. By using automatic Lid lock, after inserting the clothes in the machine, you can lock the lid to avoid any severe damage. This machine comes with white color to increase the beauty of your house or a laundry room. With the ability to handle high clothes in bulk, this machine only has 45KG weight. The weight of the washing machine is not much to carry it from one place to another in the house. The access location of the door is top load.

Now let’s take a look at some drawbacks of this machine. This brand has a very simple and old washing machine-like design. In the case of price, the machine is very costly. It also affects on your electricity bill by consuming high voltage. The body of the machine basket is made up of porcelain.

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Let’s discuss the pros and cons of this machine to become more clear about this machine.

Pros & Cons

  • Washing machine is light in weight
  • 15 kilograms weight holding capacity
  • Lid lock is available in this machine
  • Top load access location
  • Contain 4 temperature modes
  • Have 21 washing programs
  • 1 year warranty
  • High priced
  • High energy consumption
  • Only 660 RPM
  • Old design
  • Noise production is high than other machines
  • No auto-control
  • There is no LED feature in this machine

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Candy GVS168D3 Washing Machine

Candy GVS168D3 Washing Machine

In the list of most popular brands related to washings, Candy has a special name and place. In this review, we will talk about the machine with all of its aspects and drawbacks.

This washing machine comes with 8KG weight holding capacity to lower the heavy burden of your laundry. Due to the high weight carrying capacity, you can wash a bulk of dirty clothes in a short time. For small and large families, the large size is perfect.

As like some other top washing machine brands, candy GVS168D3 also comes with A+++ energy class rating or efficiency. That is why this machine is highly efficient in its performance and consumes low energy. So, there is no need to worry about electricity cost while using this washing machine.

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One of the best features in this washing machine is that it has an auto control option; by using this feature, the machine automatically adjusts itself according to the nature of your laundry. So, there is no need to sit close to the machine during its performance. With the help of the timer installed in this machine, you can manually select the time for washing. So, at the time chosen, the machine automatically turns off and will stop washing.

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If you want to know about more advance features in this machine, then wait and read further. We are confident that after the end of this review, you will go to buy this machine. It also comes with a smartphone app to control washing. Therefore, there is no need to use the machine manually like old eras. Just install the App in your mobile, and operate the candy washing machine from any area of the house. Dimensions of the product are 85 cm height, 60 cm width and 54 cm in depth.

This machine is well featured and comes in an attractive white colour with an LED display. Overall, the machine has a 70-kilogram weight which is less compared to other brands. Candy provides left door orientation in this brand new washing machine. This product has a front side access location. It consumes 196 kilowatts hour in a year.

In case of speed, manufacturers provide this machine with 1600 RPM, which is very high. But after containing a lot of features, this machine is noise creating. Its sound level is at 82 dB, which is very high and can cause a headache. But we hope Candy will fix this in the next models. This machine is not affordable for everyone as it is quite expensive.

Here are some pros and cons of this machine.

Pros & Cons

  • Smartphone App Control
  • 1600 RPM
  • 8 kilograms weight holding capacity
  • A+++ energy class rating
  • Auto-control washing system
  • Timer
  • LED display
  • Little bit heavy weight
  • Noise creating
  • Price is not affordable

Beko WTG50M1W Washing Machine

Beko WTG50M1W Washing Machine

If we talk about best washing machines manufacturing companies, then Beko is a name which comes in the list of top 10 brands. So, here in this review, we are going to talk about the cheap washing machine by Beko brand. All the features, pros and cons of this machine are discussed in this article. So, without wasting time, let’s take a look at these aspects. 

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Beko provides this machine in a beautiful design. This machine comes with white colour and enhances the beauty of your house as well as your laundry room. The reason behind the small number of features is that this washing machine is cheap, so, it contains few functions. But overall, given features and functions are well and good and helps you a lot in washing.

So, let’s discuss them in detail. This machine has an A++ energy class rating and helps you to reduce your electricity bill with the best efficiency. Beko WTG50MIW comes with 5KG weight holding capacity. Thus, if you have a small family or living single in the house, then this machine weight carrying capacity is enough for you. But in the case of large families, it creates a burden for you.

On the other hand, this washing machine comes with 1000 RPM, which means this washing machine rotates 1000 times in a minute. So, this rotation speed makes the machine full speedy and efficient in its performance. It produces 77 dB noise which is a little bit heavier than other products. Therefore, during the functioning of this machine, you cannot sit close to it. If we talk about the dimension of this product, it comes with 840 mm height, 600 mm width and 440 mm depth. Due to freestanding, this machine can easily be placed in the house or laundry room. 

In this brand, Beko provides left side door orientation. On the other hand, the machine has front side door access. There is a simple LED control system in this machine. By this function, you can adjust the speed as well as rotation. This feature is also helpful to select the washing for different types of clothes. By using this machine, you can easily safely wash all kinds of laundry. It also protects the fabric during washing. 

Beko WTG50MIW is economically and environmentally safe to use. Overall, at a low price with all these features, this machine is incredible for a single and couple use.

Pros & Cons

  • Light weight
  • Low price
  • 1000 rounds per minute
  • A++ Energy Class Rating
  • LED push buttons
  • No child lock
  • Noise producing
  • Not for large families

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AEG L6FBG141R Washing Machine Review

AEG L6FBG141R Washing Machine

WashingReviews is here to facilitate you with the best washing related product reviews. 

If you have a large family and searching for a machine that could hold heavyweight, you are in the right place. Here in this article, we are going to talk about the best and new features of the AEG L6FBG141R washing machine. This machine comes with a 10KG weight holding capacity. It is big enough to hold laundry for a large family. This machine comes with 1400 RPM. So, it creates high speed during its functioning to wash your dirty clothes. For the removal of hard stains, this machine provides Pro-Sense technology.

Now let’s talk about the features given by manufacturers. A+++ energy class rating is an important feature of this machine. In this way, you can save your electricity as well as reduce your bill. For the care of woolens, the machine is certified by wool-mark blue programs. This machine provides different washings for all types of clothes, such as cotton, polyester, and baby clothes. Dimensions of the product are 85 cm height, 60 cm width, and 63 cm in diameter. Manufacturers provide a 2-years warranty for best performance and your reliability on this brand. It also has left side door orientation and front side door access location. The machine comes with an attractive white color to enhance the beauty of your house. It has 79KG weight. So, like others, it creates a little bit of difficulty in carrying it from one area to another in the house. But one of the best things is that it is freestanding, so you can permanently install it in any area of the house to use forever.

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One the other hand, it consumes 190 kilowatts hour per year. That’s why; it is economically favorable for you.

Like energy consumption, this machine with a lot of features has an affordable price. Once you buy this machine, you do not need to worry about the electricity bill and any other repairing issue.

This AEG L6FBG141R has 51 dB noise levels, which makes this machine a silent and noiseless product. So, If you are sitting close to the machine while it is working, it doesn’t create any headache.

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This washing machine also has an LED display and creates a decent effect during usage. Manu control is at the top of this machine. Using controls, you can handle and adjust the speed, rotation, and performance of the machine.

Pros & Cons

  • LED display
  • Attractive design
  • Affordable price
  • A+++ energy class rating
  • Noise less with 51 dB
  • 1400 rounds in a minute
  • 10KG weight holding capacity
  • Pro sense technology
  • Heavyweight weight
  • No child lock
  • Only white color

Bosch WAN28201GB Washing Machine

Bosch WAN28201GB Washing Machine

Bosch is a famous brand in the UK. This company provides well-featured products that make life easier. So, in this article, we are going to talk about the Bosch WAN28201 GB washing machine. It comes with a 2-years warranty to facilitate you for an extended time in your life. You can wash 8KG laundry at a time in this machine. So, in this way, if you belong to a large family and have a huge laundry, then this machine is here to wash all your clothes in a single wash. It comes with A+++ energy class efficiency. Thus, there is no need to think about the performance and energy level of the machine. This machine also saves your electricity and lowers your bill. So, manufacturers called this an economically favorable machine. It consumes 2300 watts and takes 220 volts.

On the other hand, the rotation or rounds per minute speed is very high. It rotates 1400 times in a minute. Therefore, washing by this machine is very efficient. Manufacturers provide this brand new washing machine with an LED display that beauty and value of the machine. The machine comes in white color. So, anywhere it is installed in your house, it increases the beauty of that area. This Bosch series 4 washing machine is environmentally favorable and doesn’t produce any noise during its functioning. It produces only 55 dB sound during its working, so it doesn’t create any headache if you come close to this machine.


Let’s talk about the price of the machine. If we compare all the best machines in the UK with this Bosch series 4, then this is affordable in price. Therefore, if you buy this machine, you will never face any issue regarding price due to a lot of great features and its warranty. This machine has 69KG weight. So, the weight is high, and you cannot carry it from one area to another in the house. But most people don’t move the machine; they fix it in a place and always use it there. In this way, the heavyweight is not such an issue. Overall, this brand is incredible in all its features.

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By using this machine, you can wash all your clothes such as cotton, baby clothes, velvet, etc. it has 24 hours delay time.

It comes with a long cord, water hose, and drain. Door orientation is left side and has no safety lock. Other than this, the door access location is on the front side. The body is made up of glass.

Pros & Cons

  • LED display
  • Affordable price
  • Noiseless
  • High weight holding capacity
  • A+++ energy class rating
  • 2 years warranty
  • Heavyweight weight
  • No child lock
  • Glass body material

Indesit ISDG-428 Spin Dryer Reviews

Indesit ISDG-428 Spin Dryer Reviews

This machine is one of the best spin dryers for spinning of your clothes. This is for a small family and for a single one. So, if you have a small house and not much space to place a big sized machine, then this Indesit ISDG-428 should be your choice.

Let’s discuss the features of this machine to make you eligible all about this before you go to buy from UK Amazon. This machine or spin dryer comes in the small-sized drum for holding the wet clothes inside it. Manufacturers provide this product in 4-kilogram weight holding capacity. So, for a small family as well as for a single one need, this product is best to use for drying. It comes with 2800 rounds per minute speed. So, in this case, this dryer is very fast and spins the clothes quickly. It just needs only 4 to 5 minutes for drying the wet clothes. It’s really very fast in working. 

Indesit ISDG-428 Spin Dryer Reviews

Now let’s talk about the design and shape of the machine. It looks like a small-sized basket, which is made up of good quality material. Overall, the shape of a spinner is simple. Manufacturers of this brand new spin dryer provide 10 years guarantee. So, this guarantee also shows the efficiency and quality of the machine. In case of dimension, it comes in 34.8cm length x 34.8cm width x 62cm height. After the details of these features, now, I would like to tell you about the weight of this machine. This machine comes in very low weight. You can easily move it from one area to another in the house. As I mentioned above, it looks like a small basket, so, you can get an idea about its weight. 

It is a little bit of noise-producing. In clear words, this spin dryer produces 75dB sound during its working. So, during the functioning of this machine, you cannot sit close to this dryer.

Overall, the features in this spinner hide their drawback. It is economically favourable and helps to reduce your electricity bill by low consumption. In case of the price of this spinner, it is affordable and you do not create any burden on your pocket. On the other hand, it comes with ‘C’ class energy rating.

Well, you can buy this small-sized Indesit ISDG-480 spin dryer click the above button.

Here are given the pros and cons of this spinner. 

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Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight
  • Economically favourable
  • Low energy consumption
  • 4 to 5 minutes of drying time
  • High RPM
  • 10 years guarantee
  • Noise producing
  • ‘C’ class energy rating
  • Small-sized
  • Simple design


I personally recommend you before decide anything just read the top 8 spin dryer buying guide.


If any products do not available on UK Amazon due to shortage of stock or any other reason, then don’t be depressed, it will be available soon.

One-Concept MNW3-WS-3500 Spin Dryer Reviews

OneConcept MNW3-WS-3500 Spin Dryer

If you are living in a large family and demands for a big sized spin dryer for spinning a huge laundry, then this product will be helpful for you in this matter. One-Concept MNW3-WS-3500 spin dryer comes with a 6-kilogram weight holding capacity. In this way, you have no worry to use the small dryer again and again, by using this machine; you can dry all the clothes in a single time. This brand new machine comes in an attractive and beautiful design to facilitate you with the best spinning.

OneConcept MNW3-WS-3500 Spin Dryer

On the other hand, if we talk about body material of the machine, so, it comes in a plastic body. But, the plastic is very hard and thick and not easily damaged during usage for a long time. Manufacturers provide this brand with 2800 RPM, which means it can rotate around its axis 2800 times in a minute. So, in the case of rounds per minute or RPM, the machine is well efficient. In this way, it also saves your time and dries the clothes quickly. If you want to more reviews about the best spin dryer of 2020 then read this article. 


If we talk about in detail, then it takes only 4 to 5 minutes for drying the clothes in a bulk. For the purpose of drainage, this machine has no feature, so, you have to use anything extra for drainage of water. In this way, it’s a drawback of this spin dryer that it has no special feature for this. In case of its dimension, it comes with 41cm length, 76cm width and 42cm height

Let’s talk about the weight of the spin dryer, it is a little bit heavy and not easily move from one area to another in the house. Other than, it comes with a door safety lock which is also called a child lock. This lock helps you to protect your child from coming contact with the machine during functioning. One of the best features of this machine is that it never goes to spin whenever you close and lock the door.

In case of noise level, it produces very low sound during its functioning. So, it is efficient in this way and not produce a headache for you. It comes at a high price and not affordable for everyone. So, there are some drawbacks in this machine as well as with very good features.

Overall, this machine is good for you and environmentally favourable. It also consumes very low electricity to reduce your bill.

Here are given some pros and cons of this machine that will be more helpful for you to understand about this machine.

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Pros & Cons

  • Low noise production
  • High RPM, rounds per minute
  • 4 to 5 minutes of drying time
  • Large drum for big families
  • Child lock
  • Low energy consumption
  • Plastic body
  • High price
  • Heavyweight
  • Noting for drainage 


We hope, after reading all the details of this brand new one-concept MNW3-WS-3500 spin dryer you are well-known to its features and drawbacks. Now, if you want to but this machine, just clicks on here or on the name of the product to get a direct approach on our website

If this product is not available in stock, then just wait a few days for it.

Thomas 776-SEK Spin Dryer Reviews

Thomas 776-SEK Spin Dryer

Mostly people demand an affordable as well as long-lasting products. So, in this way, the UK and Germany products are at the top of the list. In this way, if we talk about spin dryers, then German Thomas 776-SEK is best ever machine for drying of wet clothes indoor and outdoor of the house. This machine is very unique in its design and shape.

Thomas 776-SEK Spin Dryer


More Detail

It comes in 4.5-kilogram weight holding capacity. So, you can use it for a single one as well as for a small family. Manufacturers provide 2 years warranty with this brand new spin dryer. In this way, if you found any issue in this machine, you can change it or replace it with a new one. Now, talk about the structure of this spin dryer in detail. The company provides a 35cm x 35cm x 65cm dimension in this dryer to dry your clothes. So, in this way, you can easily place this dryer in your house in any area without having more space. Due to unique design, it also enhances the beauty of your room and your courtyard where it is installed.

If we talk about the working efficiency of this machine, it’s awesome in its functioning. It comes with 2800 RPM, which means it rotates your clothes 2800 times in a minute to dry them. In the case of weightage, it is not much light. This Thomas 776-SEK spin dryer has 11-kilogram weight. Overall, this weight is not so high and you can easily carry it from one place to another in the house.

Next, during the functioning of the spin dryer, the noise level is very important. In this way, this machine provides 67 dB sounds during its working or drying of clothes. This 67 dB sound or noise is not much high, but actually, it is not so low. In the case of energy efficiency, it comes with a C rating. So, a little bit issue about the energy efficiency is present in this spin dryer. But overall, the machine is well-featured and advanced to facilitate you with best drying or spinning.

Now, we can mention the most important thing in every electric machine, which is energy consumption. Everyone needs low energy-consuming machines in their houses. So, if you buy this brand for spinning of your wet clothes, it reduces your electricity bill. It consumes very low electricity. By the comparison of a tumble dryer with a spin dryer, Thomas 776-SEK spin dryer is low in price and easily affordable.


Now take a short look at the pros and cons in this spin dryer.

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Pros & Cons

  • 2-year warranty
  • 2800 RPM
  • Low price
  • Germany brand
  • Produce noise
  • Little bit heavyweight
  • Not for large families


To know best spin dryers for 2020 read the full article.

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Tips to Iron Clothes

Ironing Clothes

After washing and drying of clothes, ironing is very important to make the clothes look nice. In this way, there are a lot of tips here, by which you can iron your clothes with perfection and easiness. You can make your dress more presentable by using these tips.

Before starting the tips, I would like to express some points to understand the nature of clothes and the effects of high and low heat on these clothes.

Types of Fabric

You know that there are different types of fabric such as cotton, silk, velvet, etc. Different fabrics in your clothes require different ironing.

Silk is very soft fabric and easily damaged in excess heat by iron. Same in case of velvet, it is also damaged if we give extra heat during ironing. On the other hand, cotton, polyester, and leather are much heat resistant and easily bear the heat during pressing or ironing. So now we know that the majority of fabrics require the different intensity of heat and different way of ironing.

Fabrics mention their nature for ironing on their instructional notepad.

Tips to Iron Your Clothes

Concluding from the above points, here are some tips that will be helpful for you to press or iron your clothes at home without any problem.

Ironing Clothes

1. Suitable place

Ironing doesn’t want much space, but a specific and suitable place is important for better work. Select any place for the table where you want to iron your clothes. People mostly use iron stands for ironing their clothes. These stands are mostly made up of wood, plastic or any metal. But it is not an issue if you do not have an iron stand. Just use your bed or floor for this purpose. You just need about 2 to 3 feet space for the straightening of your clothes.

2. Place a thick cloth on stand

After finding a suitable place and straightening the stand, you just need to place a thick cloth on the stand to provide a soft background. This cloth helps the iron to easily move on fabric and make the fabric free from wrinkles and folds. You can use your towel or bed sheet for this work. But don’t use anything like silk for placing underside the clothes.

3. Straight your clothes on the stand

After doing all the above steps, just straight your clothes and put it on the stand or bed for properly ironing. Put the backside of your cloth on the upper side to iron first. Because if you press or iron the front side first, then during the ironing of the backside, folds and wrinkles will be present on the front side. So, keep in mind this tip for the nice and perfect ironing of your cloth.

4. Switch on Iron and select temperature

Turn the iron on and wait for a few seconds to let it warm. Mostly, irons take 5 to 7 seconds to become warm. Select the temperature on the iron depending on the nature of your clothes. If you don’t know about the selection of temperature and nature of your clothes for ironing, then start from the lowest number and increase as needed to reduce folds and creases from your clothes. If you have thick, warm and wintered clothes, then obviously, you need a high temperature to iron them. So, in these cases select the high number on the iron.

New irons mostly have tags on their temperature regulator for ironing cotton, silk, and other fabrics.

5. Use water for making the fabric soft

If you are ironing clothes like cotton, leather, and wool then creases are not easily removed because of their hard nature. So, use water in the shower and spray on your cloth. Don’t use much water or completely wet your cloth. Just spray and make it soft for pressing. Apply the iron softly on that part for perfect ironing. Now, mostly irons are coming with an automatic water supply. You just need to fill the water in the iron and during ironing just press the button to spray water on clothes.

6. Start from collar and cuffs

Collar and cuffs of a shirt are ironed first because these are harder than other parts of shirts and want extra heat to become crease-free. Although, it depends on you to select any part of your dress. But collar and cuffs make the temperature of iron suitable for other parts of the shirt and you can get well-known about the iron temperature.

7. Iron backside before the front side

Most people iron the front side first and then go to the backside of the dress. But, it is totally wrong. If you iron the front side first and then go to the backside, it makes the front side creased again. So, to avoid this problem, just put the backside and iron it. Then, come on the front side to make it look perfect.

8. Make the cloth straight by hand during ironing

It is commonly seen that people during ironing don’t focus on straightening clothes. In the end, ironing does not show the perfect look. The dress shows creases and folding on different parts of it. So, always straighten the dress or cloth first and then press. Keep in mind, and try to straighten the cloth by hand during ironing, if you find any fold.

9. Hang the clothes after ironing

When you iron the clothes, then immediately hang it with the supporting hanger or any wire to save them from wrinkles. If you do that, then at the time of wearing you’ll get creases and folds free dress. Folding cloth after ironing is not so good as it loses its perfect look. So, to avoid folding the clothes after pressing, try to hang it.

These all are the special tips for ironing clothes. By using these tips, you’ll get a presentable look at your clothes.

How to Remove Blood Stains

blood stains on clothes

Removing Blood Stains from your clothes is a difficult task.

Wet vs Dry

Blood Stains could be either dry or wet. Ideally, it is better to tackle blood stains while they are still wet.

Dried blood stains are much difficult to remove due to their hardness. Different types of methods are used for the removal of stains. Both the wet and dry stains have the same types of washing methods but the rubbing and soaking time for removal will vary.

Why Blood Stains Difficult to Remove

Let’s understand why blood stains are difficult to remove? The reason is that blood is an organic compound. It contains a protein called Hemoglobin which is used to carry oxygen all over the body. It is also important for blood clotting when any part of the body is injured. In this way, this protein makes the stain of blood harder due to its clotting function. So, to remove it from clothes, we need to break the hemoglobin.

Steps to Remove Blood Stains

Using Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Pick a tub of water and fill it with hot water. Put the stained clothes in this tub of hot water.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is used as a remover. It reacts with blood stains and makes it soften. After that, the stain is easily washed with water or detergent. Add hydrogen peroxide depending on the stain’s amount. After adding hydrogen peroxide, leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. In these minutes hydrogen peroxide reacts with blood stain and breaks the binding of hemoglobin.
  • Use a brush or anything else that helps to rub the stain. During rubbing, bloodstain is going to remove.
  • Repeat this step again and again to soften the stain.
  • When the stain color is lighter, change the water of the tub.
  • Take clean water and add detergent to it. Keep soaking the clothes and rubbing the stained part. A bloodstain is removed from the clothing.
  • Wash the clothe with clean water again and make it dry as you want. You’ll see, bloodstain is removed from your fabric. These methods are the same for wet and dry dried as well as for wet bloodstain.

Using Enzymes

  • You can use an enzyme cleaner. It helps us to remove the organic stains from our fabric. Enzyme cleaners contain catalase enzyme that helps to remove the blood easily during soaking.
  • Enzyme Cleaner plays an important rule and it can be used very easily. Just pour the cleaner with stained clothe and soak it for some time in a tub of water.
  • Rub the fabric slowly with the help of detergent.
  • When the color of the stains is gone lighter, wash the clothes with clean water as in the case of hydrogen peroxide usage. Dry the clothes and get the stain-free fabric.

These methods are the same for dry and wet clothes.