Bosch WAT28371GB Washing Machine

Bosch provides this well-featured and advanced washing machine in its 6-series. This washing machine comes with 9 kilograms weight holding capacity to lower your burden in a single term. In the case of small as well as a couple of families, this washer machine is enough to wash the clothes.

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On the other hand, manufacturers provide this product with 1400 RPM; it means the rotation or spinning power of this machine is very high. In a single minute, it can revolve 1400 times around its axis. So, all the hardest stains are easily removed by this speed.

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If we talk about energy rating, this washer has A+++ energy class efficiency; which means that it can work best with full ability by the lowest expenditure of energy or electricity. In this way, it also lowers your electricity consumption and reduces the bill. So, people having the issues of high energy-consuming washing machines, take this in their houses to get rid of high energy consumption washers.

This machine has 70KG weight. Therefore, you will found some difficulty to move it from one room to another in the house. But, once installed in the home at a specific area, people don’t move it again and again. So, it is not such a drawback of this washer. It has the lowest sound and called a noiseless machine. It has 49 dB noise levels during functioning.

In the case of body shape and design, the machine has an attractive white look with left door orientation. The access location is the front side. Other than these, the body is made up of glass. This Bosh washing machine comes with a long cord, water hose, and a drain for drainage.

Manufacturers provide a 2-years warranty with this machine for better performance and your reliability. It comes with 220 volts and 2300 watts. Overall, it takes 15 kilowatts hours in a year. It also comes with a child lock to protect you and your child during working. It contains the safeguard observing system; by this system, you can adjust the load distribution and programs set to protect your washable garments. In this machine, you can wash all the types of laundry such as baby clothes, silk, wool, and velvet. The company provides this machine in 59 cm, 59.8 cm and 84.8 cm in its dimensions. In the case of price, the machine comes with affordable prices and doesn’t create any burden on your bank balance.

Now, after the review of this washing machine, let’s take a look at the pros and cons for many more details.

Pros & Cons

  • Comes with A+++ energy class rating or efficiency
  • Manufacturers provide 2-years warranty
  • The machine is noiseless with 49 dB sound
  • Child lock is present
  • Affordable price with a lot of features
  • 9 kilograms weight holding capacity
  • 1400 rotations per minute
  • Heavyweight
  • Not for large families

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