How to Remove Blood Stains

Removing Blood Stains from your clothes is a difficult task.

Wet vs Dry

Blood Stains could be either dry or wet. Ideally, it is better to tackle blood stains while they are still wet.

Dried blood stains are much difficult to remove due to their hardness. Different types of methods are used for the removal of stains. Both the wet and dry stains have the same types of washing methods but the rubbing and soaking time for removal will vary.

Why Blood Stains Difficult to Remove

Let’s understand why blood stains are difficult to remove? The reason is that blood is an organic compound. It contains a protein called Hemoglobin which is used to carry oxygen all over the body. It is also important for blood clotting when any part of the body is injured. In this way, this protein makes the stain of blood harder due to its clotting function. So, to remove it from clothes, we need to break the hemoglobin.

Steps to Remove Blood Stains

Using Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Pick a tub of water and fill it with hot water. Put the stained clothes in this tub of hot water.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is used as a remover. It reacts with blood stains and makes it soften. After that, the stain is easily washed with water or detergent. Add hydrogen peroxide depending on the stain’s amount. After adding hydrogen peroxide, leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. In these minutes hydrogen peroxide reacts with blood stain and breaks the binding of hemoglobin.
  • Use a brush or anything else that helps to rub the stain. During rubbing, bloodstain is going to remove.
  • Repeat this step again and again to soften the stain.
  • When the stain color is lighter, change the water of the tub.
  • Take clean water and add detergent to it. Keep soaking the clothes and rubbing the stained part. A bloodstain is removed from the clothing.
  • Wash the clothe with clean water again and make it dry as you want. You’ll see, bloodstain is removed from your fabric. These methods are the same for wet and dry dried as well as for wet bloodstain.

Using Enzymes

  • You can use an enzyme cleaner. It helps us to remove the organic stains from our fabric. Enzyme cleaners contain catalase enzyme that helps to remove the blood easily during soaking.
  • Enzyme Cleaner plays an important rule and it can be used very easily. Just pour the cleaner with stained clothe and soak it for some time in a tub of water.
  • Rub the fabric slowly with the help of detergent.
  • When the color of the stains is gone lighter, wash the clothes with clean water as in the case of hydrogen peroxide usage. Dry the clothes and get the stain-free fabric.

These methods are the same for dry and wet clothes.

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