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How To Wash Smelly Clothes

Smelly clothes are very unpleasant for all of us. Here are a few reasons why your clothes smell bad.

Reason of Smell

The smell in clothes can be due to a lot of reasons.

Most people work outdoor for their professions such as weight lifting and labor etc. In this way, sweat from the body is a common problem. Sweat creates smell as well as stains.

Sometimes people working in the kitchen use onion and garlic, their smell is transferred into their clothes and makes it smelly.

Similarly, the usage of extra perfume keeps the smell long-lasting. Like these, they’re a lot of cases that create smell in clothes.

With or Without Stain

The smell could be with a visible stain or without stain. Smell with a visible stain such as dirt mark, sweat stain, and any other sign.

On the other hand, the smell could be without any stain. In maximum case, if your clothes are smelly, it means bacteria are present in them. So, it may produce diseases. Thus, these smells and germs must be removed during washing. Mostly washing machines or hands washing removed these smells. But if it remains again, then try to wash it separately. Never wash the smelly clothes with other clothes. It transfers smell in all.

Tricks to Remove Smell

Here a few tricks to remove the smell from clothes during washing.

Smelly clothes mostly have stains that produce smell in them. By following these steps your clothes will be free from any smell.

  • Pick a tub of water and add hot water to it
  • Add the amount of detergent your clothes need
  • Add smelly clothes for 30 minutes after mixing the detergent and the water.
  • Pour baking soda on the stained part that produces the smell and rub it several times
  • Change the water in the tub and use clean water for socking the clothes again
  • If the smell is removed from the fabric, then dry it
  • if the smell remains, then increase the amount of baking soda and sock with it again. After that, the smell of clothes will be removed. Dry with the help of dryer or in the open.

Now you’ll get to smell free clothes.

Using Soap

During washing, usage of soap is very beneficial for removing of smell.

  • Take a small amount of soap in liquid form or in solid form
  • Add it to a washing machine or in a tub during for washing
  • Use ammonia and mix 2 to 3 tablespoons with cold water
  • Put your clothes in this water and wait for about 20 minutes
  • Wash the clothes again with the help of detergent
  • Dry clothes in the open or under the sun as this could also produce smells in clothes

It will make your clothes free from any type of smell. for more tips visit here.

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