Best Heated Clothes Airers for 2021 – Washing Reviews

Drying your clothes outdoors is nearly impossible in winter. Also, it is not possible in places where humidity and low temperature is prevalent.

Obviously, you can start doing hanging your clothes near to the heater to hurry the drying procedure.

Heated clothes airer allows you to dry your clothes indoors without relying on the weather. Weather can change from sunny with less humidity to rainy at any moment. They are cheap relative to the tumble dryer, require less space, eco-friendlier and can be folded to be placed in your storage area.

They are low-priced to buy than tumble dryers. Drying clothes inside the house in winter is really very unhealthy due to the increase in humidity in the air. It causes mould (a fungus). While Heated Clothes Airer supports us to minimize the humidity in the air. It is also helpful for us to escape from any fungus due to moisture.

Check out below to read more about heated clothes airer and expert reviews for the best of heated clothes airer available on the market in 2020 and here are our top 10.

Heated Clothes Airers, Working, and its Benefits?

Heated Clothes Airers are used to dry clothes in winter or in humidity. It consists of a metal frame. This metal frame is used to hang clothes. Wet clothes take heat from an element using electricity on this frame for drying. They are widespread because they are cheap and easy to work.

If you are watching for a Heated Clothes Dryer, then this article will be helpful for this purpose. In which you’ll be clear about the use, best products and also fewer costly products.

Features to Consider before Buying

Heated clothes airer basically consist of a metal frame and a heater. The heater in Heated Clothes Airer allows the frame to dry your clothes. So, some basic information is needed to check out the quality and performance of products.

Here are the most important features you need to look out before buying:

Cost per Hour

Cost per hour to run appliances varies greatly and you need to consider it before purchasing. Some Heated clothes airers costs per hour are 50% or more than others. You need to balance the airers’ cost and cost per hour when buying Heated Clothes Airers. Because if you’ll buy Heated Clothes Airer whose cost is 50% per hour or more than that, it creates a burden on yourself.


A timer is a great feature to have in the airer. It could save you time and headache when using an airer. Normally airers have a 3-hour timer but some models do not have any timer. So, you’ll have to select the best product in case of time. Today, the demand of less time-consuming products is increasing. So, this feature is most important before buying heated clothes airer.


Size is a major fact. Everyone from us tried to buy a product which will be small in size and less in weight. So, that it can easily be handled and placed in any area in the house. In this way, it is very important to make sure that you have enough space to place the airer. It must be folded down to take less space for placing it in your storage room.


It is better to have folding clothes airer than a simple one. If you have less space to place than it can be easily be placed in your storage room. This feature is very important to keep in mind before buying the airer.

Build Quality

Build Quality matters a lot if you are looking for a product to run for a long time. Most people rely on products that support them for a long time. In this way, build quality is a key point.


Best 8 Heated Clothes Airer Reviews

We have combined a list of the heated clothes airers, which based on capacity, value for money, capacity, and features.

You will be able to find the best-heated clothes airer that will fit your budget.

1. Dry Soon Deluxe 3-Tier Heated Airer

The dry soon 3-tiered heated clothes airer offers a great solution for drying your laundry.

It comes with a 300-watt motor and costs under 6p per hour to run. It provides you with shelves which gives you a large amount of drying space. When fully opened, you get 21m of drying area across the 3 shelves.

It is capable of holding up to 15kg of laundry which is far more than your washing machine can wash in one go. It is plenty of space for a family to dry their clothes.

It is foldable and gets down to a length, width of 137cm x 75cm, and 9cm depth when folded. It comes with a useful handle to carry it easily and plug tidy. Its weight is around 7kg so it is not easily movable but it can be stored easily.

It is made up of the aluminium frame and heats evenly and gently because of thermostatic control making it perfectly safe to use. The thermostat also gives you a timer function that can be set up for up to 12 hours.

If you like the tower design and want to dry lots of clothes, the Dry Soon is the best option available in the market.

  • Lots of Space
  • Low cost per hour
  • Strong and Convenient
  • Timer and Thermostatically Controlled
  • Expensive
  • Heavy


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2. BLACK+DECKER BXAR0007GB 3-Tier Heated Clothes Airer

The BLACK+DECKER 3-Tier Heated Airer is a great heated clothes airer for drying your clothes. It is very easy to use and cost-effective when compared to a tumble dryer for drying your laundry.

It can dry up to 15g of clothes on 21m of drying space which is spread over three tiers. Practical 3-tiers and swivel arms are best to dry longer items such as trousers, or bed sheets. This would allow your clothing to dry in a matter of hours. It is ideal for use in winter and a lot better than drying outside.

It is very easy to use and delivered on the doorstep assembled, so all you need to is to fold out, plugin and switch it on. This will allow you to use this product immediately.

You can fold it flat for storing. It only costs 6p per hour. It also comes with a handy on-off switch which means you don’t have to unplug it when you are done.





  • On-Off switch
  • Good Cord Length
  • Strong and Convenient
  • Heavy


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3. AMOS Eezy-Dry Electric Clothes Dryer

AMOS Electric Clothes Airer comes with a powerful 1300W motor that generates warm air which is used to dry your clothes. It takes about 2 hours for laundries like sheets, shirts, and pillowcases.

It costs about 18p per hour. It costs 3 times more than the dry soon model that is listed above but still cheaper than a tumble dryer.

It is easily foldable. Just lift the middle bar upwards and it collapses. It comes with a free cover.

It can hold up to 15 kg of clothing which is around 25 separate items of normal size. Simply place your clothes on hangers and place them inside the dryer. It comes with a timer where you could set the time between 20 and 240 minutes. Zip the cover and set the timer to use the heated clothes airer.



  • 1300W powerful motor
  • 15Kg Capacity
  • Foldable
  • Controlled with easy to use a timer
  • Cover included
  • Expensive to run


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4. Maxi Dry Electric Clothes Horse Heated Airer, 3 Tier Dryer Rack, 300W

The shape of the airer is good and well-designed. I choose this shape in my house because I can hang lengthier clothes and lay a delicate flat. It contains three tires for the stand, and have on 15kg in weight with of wet clothes.

Although it also has lit. It is easy to use for power on and off. It cannot have the option for the timer. No cover is available. But the heated shoe stands show mostly useful for drying shoes. It is a benefit when the conditions of the weather are not good.

The Dunelm model measures 73 x 66 x 135cm. So, it has roughly a similar footmark as in the Lakeland. Still, its absences a cover. It is the reason that it is on the second number in the list. The Dunelm have good work of drying your clothes. But it is extended due to losing more heat. So, if the Lakeland took four to five hours to dehydrate lightweight shirts. Here you are watching at a maximum of eight hours.

Similarly, the Dryer: Rapidly, it runs at 300w. It is also created with aluminium and it is light enough in weight to be easily moveable.


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5. Home Republic Deluxe Maxi plus Electric Air Dryer 3 Tier plus Shoes Rack Clothes Dryer

This aerial design works well for hanging the shirts and for laying the things flat. But it does not transfer as many substances as either the Lakeland or the Dunelm. It is one of the best airers for a single being or for a couple not for a family.
And since, it opens smooth and flat. Its measurements are 93 x 84 x 54cm. It may not effort so well in the area you have put it. Advantageous, I initiate that it is not much big sufficient for some of the dresses and longer stuff you have.

That said, there is something beautifully attractive about it compared to the models given above. It is still just 10 kg in weight with wet clothing, with a total drying space of 11.5m. When closed down, it is the coolest and slimmest to place.



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6. Heated Clothes Horse With Wheels, Strong And Sturdy Electric Clothes Airer Indoor

If you become moisturized with your living space, and it is clothes covered over conservative airers for days at a time, or the sight of washing hung over your radiators and bannisters, a Dry: Soon heated airer is the solution of all your problems.

This 2-Tier Standard Heated Airer offers the drying space of 13m, it takes the only 10kg of washcloths weight. On its robust, lightweight aluminium blocks are present. It will dry your laundry much more speedily than an old-fashioned unheated clothes dryer.

At less than 4p an hour to work, and with thermostatically skilful bars. That won’t burn your clothes. It is also a proportion kinder to your clothes than tapping them on the flip dryer. And when you have finished your heated airer after drying your clothes. It will fold down easily to only 8cm deep for sliding into clothing or under a bed for storage.

Equipment available separately that include: 2-Tier Standard Heated Airer Cover to save the heat in and during speed up drying. It also doubles as a storage bag for the folded airer; and the Mesh Shelf Duo, a pair of mesh shelves for laying delicate and smaller items flat rather than hanging them over the bars.


Made from light yet robust aluminium, Dry: Soon airers are relaxed to move around and fold down to 9cm or less deep for placing area. It ready to be pressed into action throughout the winter months, or whenever the weather isn’t collaborating.

Fully open 75 x 73 x 99cm H. Flex length 135cm. Folds to a depth of approx. 8cm. 200W.


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7. New 3-Tier Heated Tower Airer Economic & Free Cover Pack Folds for Storage

Our next choice has a dissimilar design and is seamless if you’re single, a couple or have a newborn.

Some people call this “economic free” and it does a decent work of eliminating the humidity from your clothes.

The “3-Tier Heated Tower Airer Economic and Free Cover Pack Folds for Storage” viewpoints just over 4 ft high and weighs only 3KG. That means you can simply supply it out of sight. It does not fold, but it can be dismantled simply for storage.

What I also like about this one is there is a long 168 cm (about 5.5 feet) string so that gives you more location options for hanging clothes.

And this design is very much “Self-sufficient”. That helps the humidity to stay private and means it won’t make your room moist or cause a lot of compressions.

The downside with this model, there are arms to hand things on – but it doesn’t come with barns or hangers.

It also comes with 2-years of warranty. Which duals the 1-year period than comparable designs having. 


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8. BLACK DECKER BXAR0005GB 3-Tier Heated Clothes Airer

This Fine Elements airer is a crafty design with numerous stages of set-up.

It comes with a smooth basic ‘table’ of the tubular metallic building through which you can hang a sensible amount of washings.  It has two ‘arms’ for use when wanted that extend from either side.

It has an extreme load of 10kg with clothes, which is about that a greater than average washing machine can handle in one go.

The wings give enough of added size, so if you typically need it just for yourself or you and one other, it can be used deprived of.

It folds flat when not in use, and will easily slot away in a small space, and it weighs just over 4kg which is light enough to move around without much energy.

This model is fitted with non-slip feet – they are non-scratch too so will not harm wooden or tiled floors – and is simple to erect and takedown.

It comes with a 1.4m cable so you can put it where you want, and is surprisingly energy efficient.

Overall, it’s an effective airer that will do the job you want, and its low price makes it great value for money.


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