Best 5 Small Tumble Dryer for 2021

As the world is going advance in the field of technology, new and life easier inventions are coming day by day. The small tumble dryer is one of them.

In old eras, people were dependent on weather conditions to dry their clothes after washing. In cold seasons or on rainy days, drying of clothes took several days. If weather were favourable, then space for drying a huge laundry became a major issue for them. So, in the past people faced a lot of issues related to the drying of their clothes.

But today, in the modern era, the problem is solved with the invention of dryers. If I talk about perfection, then Small Tumble Dryer is a name of easiness.

The small tumble dryer is a perfect and high-quality machine which is used to dry clothes inside the house without depending on weather conditions. Because of the small size, it also has low weight and used by a single one.

The functioning of small tumble dryers

Small tumble dryers use heat to dry the wet clothes. It consists of a small-sized heater inside the body that provides heat to dry clothes. The heater helps the clothes to dry properly without damaging by heat. In case of heated clothes airers, clothes are hanged on the handles of the airer. But in small tumble dryers, clothes are inserted in its drum-like body. It is much beneficial than heated clothes airer due to its heater and body shape.

To explain the further about small tumble dryer. Here we’ll discuss the structure of this machine.

Body of small tumble dryer:

The body of small tumble dryer consists of a drum-like a cylinder. It is made up of plastic as well as metal. Some of the dryers have an upper side opening for inserting wet clothes; others have in window-like opening in front of the machine. Whole-body is covered with the insulated sheet to make it free from the current charged body. The door of the machine is made up of glass to see inside the machine while clothes become dry or in the process of drying. On the upper side of the door, there are some menu buttons to control the small tumble dryer.

Features in a small tumble dryer:

There are a lot of features and functions in a small tumble dryer depend on the brand and company manufacturing the machine. Some of the common features are given below in detail.


Every type of fabric wants different types of timing for drying. So, in this way, a small tumble dryer has a timer meter to show the time of drying. You can set the time according to your need for drying in a small tumble dryer. It also has an automatic timer function, by which you can adjust the machine at a specific time interval. After reaching that point, the machine automatically turns off and stops working.

Temperature setting:

As I mentioned above, every type of fabric wants different types of timing to dry. So, the temperature is also dependent on this case. The small tumble dryer has an option of temperature setting according to your clothes nature and quality. Temperature ranges from 100 to 200 Celsius in a small tumble dryer for different types of clothes. Cotton and silk-like fabrics are dried at 100 to 130 Celsius temperatures. But other wintered clothes need high temperature. In this case, a small tumble dryer provides them temperature as they want to dry.

Child lock:

Mostly small tumble dryers come with safety or child lock to protect it from any hazard. Lock presents on the door of dryers. This lock protects the machine from inserting heat outside.

Weight of machine:

Small tumble dryers have very low weight ranges from 3 KG to 5 KG. You can easily pull it. It also has wheels for carrying from one place to another in the house. Due to its low weight and small size, the majority of people demand it.


The small tumble dryer does not just have low weight; with this feature, it is also energy-efficient and saves electricity during its functioning. It is regarded as the B and C category to reduce your electricity cost.

The noise of small tumble dryer during functioning:

During its working, it produces very low-frequency noise. So, sitting around the small tumble dryer during its function is not unbearable for human ears.

 Size of small tumble dryer:

Small tumble dryer machine is normally 7 cm tall, 50 cm wide and 49 to 50 cm deep in its drum. Mostly all the brands and companies follow this size in manufacturing of small tumble dryer.

Usage of Small Tumble Dryer:

If you are using or want to know the usage of small tumble dryer, then follow these given steps to understand the easiest and proper way to use this machine.

Place the wet clothes in a small tumble dryer:

First of all, place your wet and washed clothes in the small tumble dryer. Never mix all the clothes of different natures with each other. Insert the lighter clothes first and dry them, after them, insert the others such as wintered clothes to dry.

Switch the plugin:

After inserting the wet clothes in the machine, the next step is plugging the switch. Simply plug the wire’s switch into electricity board. If you are using a battery or any other source of electricity, then must check the supplied voltage of the source. High-low voltage supply will damage your machine.

Select the timer:

Selection of timer depends on the nature of clothes. Mostly, small tumble dryer needs 10 to 15 minutes for drying a cloth according to its capacity. So, depending on your desire to select the most suitable time for drying.

Set the temperature:

The setting of temperature is most important in small tumble dryers. Because of its small size, it needs only 2 to 3 clothes at a time. So, the supply of heat is very high. In this way, select the normal temperature for drying and then increase it as needed.

Lock the machine

Lock the small tumble dryer before operating it. It helps you as well as to your machine from any hazard during functioning.

Turn on the power button.

When you have done all the works, then push the power button on the machine. Dryer starts its functioning, and your clothes will be going to dry in several minutes.

Removed the dry clothes:

When the machine’s timer shown its limit. Turn off the power button and plug out the switch from electricity. Now you are able and save to remove your clothes from the machine. Dried clothes are here without any damaged.

Wash the machine:

After completing the process and removing the clothes from the machine, wash the machine with water to make it clean and free from any type of smell as well as from germs etc.

Best small tumble dryers Buying Guide

Here we will mention some best and top-ranking small tumble dryers with price tags and their features.

No. 1: White Knight C39AW 3.5kg Compact Vented Tumble Dryer:

This is a small condenser dryer that comes in 47 x 50 x 67 cm size. It has 3.50 kg weight holding capacity to dry your clothes. In this way, this machine is best for a small as well as for a couple of families.

For you, there are two things really good to buy this model. The first one is that it’s Energy Efficiency is valued “C”. But after seeing category ‘C’, you may be confused, don’t worry about it because the small dryers have low efficiencies.

So, overall this machine containing ‘C’ level is good for you. The second feature is that it cools your clothes after drying as the cycle stops. Another feature is that all about this Small Compact Vented Tumble Dryer is calm to use.

The controls are intuitive though a lack of a countdown timer that has been lamented, and operators report for both the water and down filters are easy to clean and alteration.

Routine wise, you can suppose the machine to dry synthetic clothes in about 140 minutes with two heat setting options. Cotton and jeans will take a while lengthier, and you are best of parting those for 140 minutes. Another attention with this model is that it has an extensive power cable.

This helps you for placing it in a bedroom or living room. There is a one-year manufacturer’s assurance involved, and this can be long at an extra cost.

Pros & Cons

  • 3.5 KG Capacity of holding the weight
  • Small in size and Compact
  • 2 Heat Settings
  • Cools the clothes at the end of the cycle
  • “C” Valued Energy Efficiency
  • 12-Months Manufacturer’s Guarantee
  • No Countdown Timer
  • Simple design
  • 24 kilograms weight
  • Only white colour

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No. 2: Cookology CMVD25WH Mini Vented Dryer 2.5kg:

Just like the Bosch, this small tumble dryer will come with 2.5 kilograms weight holding capacity. In this way, this machine is enough for a single one. Manufacturers of machine provide this with “C” class energy efficiency.

It comes in silver color and also enhances the beauty of your house. It contains only 17 kilograms weigh, so, to carry it from one area to another in the house is very easy. Manufacturers provide 66 x 53 x 43 cm dimensions in this machine.

I think it’s important and preferred by you with a small weight. Another nice bit is that it comes with modifiable bases. So if you’re placing it on an irregular floor like the garage, it’s still going to work normally.

On the disadvantage, at 69 dB it’s reasonable noiseless, but not as noiseless on others on our list. But for the amount, I’m impressed with all the structures of this machine. In case of warranty, so, it has nothing.

Pros & Cons

  • “C” Class Rated Energy-Efficiency
  • Heat control setting
  • 66 x 53 x 43 cm dimensions
  • Affordable price
  • 17 kilograms weight
  • Noise creating
  • 2.5 kilograms weight holding capacity
  • No child lock
  • The timer is not installed in this machine


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No.3: White Knight C37AW Compact 3kg Tumble Dryer:

In case of this small tumble dryer, it comes with 3 kilograms weight holding capacity. One of the best things in this machine is that it is made in the UK. It contains two heat settings for drying of your clothes.

Like the above white knight, this machine also takes 140 minutes for dying at the highest value. But most people also like their tumble dryers than another brand.

This is an awesome model with size of H67cm x W50cm x D47cm and 24 kilograms weight. On the problem, the machine has 69 DBS, which is very high and noise creating. However, for the price and variety of drying options, it is absolutely up there with the best small tumble dryers of 2021.

Price is very reasonable. Like above, it is also categorized as ‘C’ class energy efficiency.

Pros & Cons

  • 3KG Drying Capacity of holding the weight
  • Two heat settings
  • Made in the UK
  • C class energy efficiency
  • Affordable price
  • Noise creating
  • No warrant


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No. 4: White Knight WK38AW compact reverse action tumble dryer:

This brand new compact reverse action tumble dryer comes with a 3-kilogram weight holding capacity. So, if you are living single or a couple, then this machine is very good for you to dry your wet clothes.

It displays how low-cost tumble dryers are pretty when you can get best ever drying. White Knight machine comes with 47 x 50 x 67 cm dimensions. It also has a very low weight which is 24 kilograms.

So, to carry it is very easy. One of the best features in this machine is that it comes has reverse action, which means it can rotate in both directions to dry the clothes. Other than these, it has a “D” class energy efficiency which is lower than others.

One hundred twenty minutes drying timer is installed in this machine. In this machine, you can see the front loading door, which means the entrance side is on the front side of the machine. In the case of voltage, this tumble dryer comes with 220 volts. It is noise-producing, and dB is noted at 69. Manufacturers provide a 1-year warranty with this brand.

Pros & Cons

  • 3 KG Capacity of holding the weight
  • D Category Rated Energy Efficiency
  • Reverse Tumble dryer
  • Two heating options
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Economically Valued
  • No full tank alarm
  • 24 kilograms weight
  • No Child Resistant lock


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No. 5: Montpellier MTD25 2.5kg Freestanding Or Wall Mounted Compact Tumble Dryer:

This is a Compact Tumble Dryer which comes in a definitive crisp. If we talk about the design, so, it comes in black colour to enhance the beauty of your house. It can hold 2.5 kilograms wet clothes burden.

This machine is categorized as a “C” class in energy efficiency. It is very low weight and has 17 kilograms only. In this machine, you can get 57 dB sounds, which is lower than the others. It has 41.5 x 49.5 x 58.5 cm dimension.

Other than these, machine has 252-kilowatt hours. It doesn’t come with a warranty, but the machine in a way is really reliable and don’t require any warranty. Price of this machine is reasonable, and on the other hand, it consumes very low electricity to lowers your bill.

Pros & Cons

  • Small weight
  • 2.5 kilograms weight holding capacity
  • 57 Db sound-producing
  • 41.5 x 49.5 x 58.5 cm dimensions
  • Black shiny colour
  • Affordable price
  • No child lock


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