Beko WTG50M1W Washing Machine

If we talk about best washing machines manufacturing companies, then Beko is a name which comes in the list of top 10 brands. So, here in this review, we are going to talk about the cheap washing machine by Beko brand. All the features, pros and cons of this machine are discussed in this article. So, without wasting time, let’s take a look at these aspects. 

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Beko provides this machine in a beautiful design. This machine comes with white colour and enhances the beauty of your house as well as your laundry room. The reason behind the small number of features is that this washing machine is cheap, so, it contains few functions. But overall, given features and functions are well and good and helps you a lot in washing.

So, let’s discuss them in detail. This machine has an A++ energy class rating and helps you to reduce your electricity bill with the best efficiency. Beko WTG50MIW comes with 5KG weight holding capacity. Thus, if you have a small family or living single in the house, then this machine weight carrying capacity is enough for you. But in the case of large families, it creates a burden for you.

On the other hand, this washing machine comes with 1000 RPM, which means this washing machine rotates 1000 times in a minute. So, this rotation speed makes the machine full speedy and efficient in its performance. It produces 77 dB noise which is a little bit heavier than other products. Therefore, during the functioning of this machine, you cannot sit close to it. If we talk about the dimension of this product, it comes with 840 mm height, 600 mm width and 440 mm depth. Due to freestanding, this machine can easily be placed in the house or laundry room. 

In this brand, Beko provides left side door orientation. On the other hand, the machine has front side door access. There is a simple LED control system in this machine. By this function, you can adjust the speed as well as rotation. This feature is also helpful to select the washing for different types of clothes. By using this machine, you can easily safely wash all kinds of laundry. It also protects the fabric during washing. 

Beko WTG50MIW is economically and environmentally safe to use. Overall, at a low price with all these features, this machine is incredible for a single and couple use.

Pros & Cons

  • Light weight
  • Low price
  • 1000 rounds per minute
  • A++ Energy Class Rating
  • LED push buttons
  • No child lock
  • Noise producing
  • Not for large families

In this review, washingReviews provide all the prospects and drawbacks of this washing machine. If you want more reviews related to washing machines or other washing related products, stay tuned with us.

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