How to Dry Your Clothes Tips & Guide – Washing Reviews

If you are living in the United Kindom then definitely you know about its cold weather so its a big challenge for everyone to drying their clothes.

This is really a big challenge if you want to dry your clothes let say if you wash your clothes and put wet clothes in your basket then definitely it will give you smell and you have to wash it again.

Many people use the dryer or tumble dryer or maybe use heated cloths carrier but it will cost too high so we like to prefer to dry our clothes on the balcony or outside of the house.

Don’t you think if I tips and Guide to dry your clothes within hours and you don’t need to use the tumble dryer?

Before wasting any further time lets dive into my tips and tricks to dry your clothes.

Use a fast spinner

So when you wash your cloths your first thing is to put your clothes on your spinner. It will take around 3 to 4 mins and your cloths almost lose 70% of water. Before everything to know how to use a spin dryer properly.

fast spinner
fast spinner

But it will depend upon the quality of your spinner it will vary from different spinners. If your clothes are still have dropping water then please take a look at your spinner it is not working correctly.

Take out clothes from the Spinner.

Well, it is very important to take out your clothes from the sinner as early as possible because if you don’t do that you will get a problem when you go to iron your clothes. I felt that pain so I ask you to don’t do that.

Also, there is water in Spinne and your cloths may give you a bad smell and your Cloths quality may damage so try to avoid this.

if you ask me about the time limit to take out clothes from spinner then I would say that it’s up to you but the ideal case is to get out the cloths within one hour.

Shake your clothes

May you don’t agree with me but belive me shaking will not damage your clothes it will help you in drying also in Ironing.

Shake Clothes
Shake Clothes

Shaking will get your energy so do when you have energy. I prefer to wash my clothes mostly evening so I can easily shake my heavy clothes as well.

Chose the right Location

Well finding the right space to dry cloths is really hard for the people who are living in a flat or in a hostel. I personally live in a hostel so it’s very hard for me to find the right space to dry my clothes.

Right Cloths dryer location
Right Clothes dryer location

But if you are living in a house then definitely you will have some open space it may be a balcony or anything. You need to check that the space in open or there is a right flow the air then this is your right space.

Let say you are facing the same problem that I faced when I was in a hostel you don’t have an open area then you must tie a roop in your room and put your clothes in it and then open your windows. I don’t think you will get any other good space like this.

The End

So hopefully now you easily dry your clothes in the right manner but if I summarize all my tips then it will be use Spinner first and dry your clothes in an open area so you will get better results for more information comment below I will reply to you.

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