Indesit ISDG-428 Spin Dryer Reviews

This machine is one of the best spin dryers for spinning of your clothes. This is for a small family and for a single one. So, if you have a small house and not much space to place a big sized machine, then this Indesit ISDG-428 should be your choice.

Let’s discuss the features of this machine to make you eligible all about this before you go to buy from UK Amazon. This machine or spin dryer comes in the small-sized drum for holding the wet clothes inside it. Manufacturers provide this product in 4-kilogram weight holding capacity. So, for a small family as well as for a single one need, this product is best to use for drying. It comes with 2800 rounds per minute speed. So, in this case, this dryer is very fast and spins the clothes quickly. It just needs only 4 to 5 minutes for drying the wet clothes. It’s really very fast in working. 

Indesit ISDG-428 Spin Dryer Reviews

Now let’s talk about the design and shape of the machine. It looks like a small-sized basket, which is made up of good quality material. Overall, the shape of a spinner is simple. Manufacturers of this brand new spin dryer provide 10 years guarantee. So, this guarantee also shows the efficiency and quality of the machine. In case of dimension, it comes in 34.8cm length x 34.8cm width x 62cm height. After the details of these features, now, I would like to tell you about the weight of this machine. This machine comes in very low weight. You can easily move it from one area to another in the house. As I mentioned above, it looks like a small basket, so, you can get an idea about its weight. 

It is a little bit of noise-producing. In clear words, this spin dryer produces 75dB sound during its working. So, during the functioning of this machine, you cannot sit close to this dryer.

Overall, the features in this spinner hide their drawback. It is economically favourable and helps to reduce your electricity bill by low consumption. In case of the price of this spinner, it is affordable and you do not create any burden on your pocket. On the other hand, it comes with ‘C’ class energy rating.

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Here are given the pros and cons of this spinner. 

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Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight
  • Economically favourable
  • Low energy consumption
  • 4 to 5 minutes of drying time
  • High RPM
  • 10 years guarantee
  • Noise producing
  • ‘C’ class energy rating
  • Small-sized
  • Simple design


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If any products do not available on UK Amazon due to shortage of stock or any other reason, then don’t be depressed, it will be available soon.

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