White Knight 28009B Spin Dryer Reviews

In the list of best spin dryers, white knight 28009B is one of the best machines to dry the clothes. It comes in black attractive colour. This colour enhances the beauty of your room where it is placed or used. So, in this review, we will discuss the best features in this machine to make you eligible and well-known before going to buy.

White Knight 28009B Spin Dryer:


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So, the model number is also the name of this spin dryer. It comes with a 4-kilogram weight holding capacity to spin your laundry. This site is not much big to dry a huge laundry or wet clothes.

So, you can use it for a small family, couple or for a single person. But in the case of a large family, it is not efficient.  As spin dryer follows the rule of centripetal force, in this way, rotation per minute is under consideration. A high and speedier machine is the choice of everyone. So, this machine for drying the clothes comes with 2800 RPM. It means it revolves around 2800 times in a minute. Manufacturers provide this machine in 64 cm long, 35 cm wide dimension.

In the case of body shape and material, it is made up of stainless steel. So, in this way, the machine is a very good quality in its body material. The door of the spin dryer has a locking lid, so, you can lock it during usage to avoid any dangerous accident or splashing. On the other hand, the feet of spin dryers are made up of thick and strong rubber.

This rubber is un-stretchable. You can easily move your spin dryer from one place to another in the house due to lightweight. In simple means, it is just two times heavier than a blender. Next, we can talk about sound and noise. This white knight 28009B comes with very low sound. So, it is environmentally friendly and doesn’t produce any headache for you during working. But, if you add more wet clothes than its capacity then the machine produces sound or noise. So, always try to insert a normal range of clothes in the spin dryer for better functioning.

Now, after discussing a lot of features in this machine, we can talk about the price of this machine. So, on UK Amazon this machine comes at an affordable price to buy by everyone. Having a lot of features, the affordable price of this machine is really creating a good effect on your pocket and life.

Overall, this white knight 28009B spin dryer is best for usage and drying of clothes indoor or outdoor of the house.

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Pros & Cons

  • Attractive black color
  • Lightweight
  • 2800 rotations in one minute (RPM)
  • Stainless steel body
  • Small weight holding capacity
  • Have no wheels for movement

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