Zanussi Z716WT83BI 7kg Washer Dryer

Washing of clothes and drying them is such a difficult and time-consuming task. If you are a job person or having other works, then this task creates tension for you.

But relax! because we are here with a machine that has both features in a single apparatus. Yes, we are talking about the “Washer Dryer”.


These are the special types of machines that can wash as well as dry the clothes without shifting them in any other place. So, in the market, there are a lot of washer dryers present. They actually make us confuse, which kind of brand and machine, we choose for our use.

So, don’t worry about it. Because, in this review, we are going to tell you the detailed features and options coming in Zanussi Z716WT83BI 7kg Washer Dryer. So, after the whole reading, you’ll be able to know all about this machine.

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It is highly rated and top ranking washer dryer in customers due to its advance and high performance. Zanussi Z716WT83BI Washer Dryer is just the same as other top models in the UK. All have a little bit of the same price ranges and features. But the most interesting facts in this Zanussi Z716WT83BI washer dryer are given below. 

This machine holds 7 KG wash capacity and 4 KG dry capacity of clothes in its huge cylinder. In this way, if you have a large family, this machine helps you to cover the laundry and drying burden. It also provides an economically favorable environment. So, there is no need to worry about pollution and any other issue. In the case of price, it is very affordable with best and life making easier features. In this way, it doesn’t make you worry about buying after having a low income.

On the other hand, it cannot come with any warranty while other machines like this have some warranties. But the customer’s review showed that they never found any single issue in this machine during working. So, a guarantee or warranty is not such an issue. The revolution per minute of this machine is 1600. It means, within a minute it revolves around 1600 rounds on its axis. Like other products mentioned above, it also has an ‘A’ class energy rating for reducing your electricity bill. It provides a noise-free environment and feels good for you. Its sound or noise is determined 72 dB, which is not much high.

It comes with half load feature and makes you eligible to do it in midweeks that cannot wait for a weekend. This function in washer dryer minimizes the burden and creates adjustments to improve washing and drying quality and electricity use. The use of this product makes your clothes dry and doesn’t need to dry them outdoors for extra.

Pros & Cons

  • For large family
  • A+ energy class rating
  • 1600 rpm
  • Energy efficient
  • No warranty


More Detail

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