AEG 8000 Series L8FEC946R Washing Machine

This washing machine comes with 9KG weight holding capacity to wash a massive laundry at a time. In this way, if you are living single, couple, or belong to a large family, then this incredible machine fulfils your needs. It contains a large-sized drum to take all the clothes at a time for washing purposes. The machine is more massive because of the high weight holding capacity. But on the other side, it lowers your work for using the washing machine multiple times to wash all clothes.

Manufacturers provide this brand new washing machine with spinning. So, there is no need to use any other product for drying. It has 1400 RPM, which means that the machine can rotate 1400 times in a minute around its axis. After carrying a high range of weight carrying capacity, that’s an outstanding feature in the AEG L8FEC946R-8000 Washing machine. If we talk about other machines of this kind that deliver high speed, their clothes holding capacity is very low.

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Other than these, it comes with A+++ high-class energy rating or efficiency. This feature also increases the demand for the AEG washing machine. With having this rating, the machine also provides low energy consumption to reduce the electricity bill. So, there is no need to worry about electricity consumption while having this well-featured brand.

Now let’s talk about some other most essential programs in this washer. Manufacturers of this brand provide five years warranty to facilitate you with the best performance in your daily lives. In the case of shape and design, this washer comes with Beko and Candy machines like shape. It contains white color with a beautiful appeal. On top of this, an attractive LED display screen is installed to increase the good-looking of the brand.

Other than these, the machine is high priced and has no mobile control system. It comes with front access location and left orientation for the door’s opening. A long cord is available with this machine. So there is no need for an extension. A timer is also installed in this brand new washer; by using this option, you can select the time according to your clothes nature. As we know, all the fabrics want different types of washings. Therefore, this option is helpful for the washing of clothes, depending on their nature. Due to the heavyweight of the washer, it is difficult to carry it from one room to another.

We also mentioned some pros and cons for more understanding related to this brand.

Pros & Cons

  • Machine has long cord
  • Rounds per minute is 1400
  • 9 kilo grams weight holding capacity
  • LED display
  • Timer
  • 5 years warranty by manufacturer
  • Machine has high price
  • No mobile control feature is installed

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