Hand Washing Vs Washing Machine – Which one is better?

Washing Machine:

A washing machine is an apparatus that is used to wash dirty clothes by using detergent and water. This machine consists of a basin, wheel, or paddle, and a lot of options like temperature set, timer, low and high speed.

Today, with the invention of washing machines, life becomes easy to wash and to save time. Loss of water by hand washing is also kept in using a washing machine

Washing Machine:.

In the washing machine, we only put our dirty clothes, add water and detergent, and turned it on. After a while, clean and stainless clothes are obtained. In the case of large laundries like a blanket, winter jackets, and cushions, it is much difficult to wash them.

But with the use of a washing machine, it is easy for us to do so. We only add these laundries into a machine with required substances. The machine performs its function without any problem.

As in the winter season or in cold conditions, working with water is still a difficult task. So, the washing of clothes is a big headache as we are performing with hand washing.

But in the case of the washing machine, it doesn’t matter, what’s the environment, it helps us a lot in this way. With the passage of time, washing machines are going to be more advanced and gaining more features to make life easier. Such as the option of the timer is installed by new branding companies.

This feature helps us a lot to wash the clothes by selecting the working till at a specific time. After reaching that time, the machine automatically stops its performance. In this way, it does not need to keep stand around the machine during washing. So, you just need to set the timer depends on clothes and go for other works.

When you free, the machine is waiting for you to remove clothes from it with a neat and clean performance. By using the washing machine, you have not to use your physical strength to do anything.

All are done by your machine. Due to a lot of usage of a washing machine at every house. Different companies are making these machines. So, it makes the washing machine low costly.

It is easily affordable for anyone. The consumption of energy is not too high. It works at 140-V. Washing machines have different types of washings for every kind of clothes.

Such as washing for winter clothes is at high speed, washing of silk and cotton is at slow or normal speed is done by machine. Selecting a specific speed helps our clothes to protect from damage. Due to the small size, it is easy to place it anywhere in the house.

It easily fits in the storeroom as well as in other places of a home. It consists of 10 to 20 kg of weight. This low weight makes it carry and handle easily. Washing machines also have small wheels at its bottom. These wheels are used to transfer machine from one place to another without pulling or using strength.

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Hand Washing:

It looks strange in the modern era while washing clothes by hand. Today, the majority of people are dependent on the washing of clothes by machine. A few people use hand washing due to some reasons, such as silk clothes and soft clothes that damaged by washing machines.

Hand Washing:

In the case of a washing machine, it saves time as well as physical energy. But on the other hand, if we wash clothes by hand more time required, energy consumption and in the end, we can not get stainless clothes. Here are some benefits of washing clothes by hand. Let us discuss the washing of clothes by hand. First of all, the prices of washing machines are not much affordable to buy by everyone.

Qualified and more featured machines are not easy to obtain. So, people having a low income does not afford these expensive machines. The second thing is for a small family and a couple; the demand for washing machines is low. They have a few clothes and wash them by hand easily.

In the case of softening clothes like silk, cotton, and velvet, washing is done by hands. Because of washing machines, the fabric is going to damage. Mostly fabrics mention their washing my hands.

So, in this way, washing by hand is much good for the fabric. Hand washing is another mode of exercise for a washer. It makes strong body muscles. Today, the majority of people are suffering from any kind of diseases due to lake of exercise and any type of hard work.

But in the hands washing of clothes, it provides a way for better practice to make the body fit with doing work. Hand washing also saves electricity. A normal washing machine takes 1.24 kilowatt in an hour. So, if you wash clothes, buy a hand, you can save electricity and reduce your electricity bill.

In this way, the demand for energy is reduced to a point. In handwashing, we use a tub of water to wash our clothes; on the other hand, the washing machine required more water for washing. In some areas where people face a shortage of water, the saving of water is very important.

So, having a washing machine and more consumption of water and its loss makes distress for users. But hands washing saves water if having a shortage of water supply. In machine washing, it is difficult to wash all the colorful clothes with each other.

So, separate washing is required for colorful clothes. In this way, water, detergent, and more electricity consumed. But hands washing uses a small amount of detergent and water without the cost of electricity for any kind or color of clothes.

Hard stains are only removed by hands, not by washing machine. So, if anyone has a washing machine and want to remove all the stains from his/her clothes, needs hands washing process also.

Machines only need the same types of detergent, but in hands washing we can use different types of soaps, detergents (liquid or powder form) and other materials to make stainless or stain-free clothes.

Hand washing makes the clothes protected from damage and long-lasting to use.


So what you prefer after reading this detailed article comment with your opinion below. I personally use the washing machine if I have to wash more than 3 cloths or a heavy cloth-like pent court etc. So if you make an opinion to buy any good washing machine I prefer to read this article here you will get our reviews on the best washing machine Click Here.

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