AEG L6FBG141R Washing Machine Review

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If you have a large family and searching for a machine that could hold heavyweight, you are in the right place. Here in this article, we are going to talk about the best and new features of the AEG L6FBG141R washing machine. This machine comes with a 10KG weight holding capacity. It is big enough to hold laundry for a large family. This machine comes with 1400 RPM. So, it creates high speed during its functioning to wash your dirty clothes. For the removal of hard stains, this machine provides Pro-Sense technology.

Now let’s talk about the features given by manufacturers. A+++ energy class rating is an important feature of this machine. In this way, you can save your electricity as well as reduce your bill. For the care of woolens, the machine is certified by wool-mark blue programs. This machine provides different washings for all types of clothes, such as cotton, polyester, and baby clothes. Dimensions of the product are 85 cm height, 60 cm width, and 63 cm in diameter. Manufacturers provide a 2-years warranty for best performance and your reliability on this brand. It also has left side door orientation and front side door access location. The machine comes with an attractive white color to enhance the beauty of your house. It has 79KG weight. So, like others, it creates a little bit of difficulty in carrying it from one area to another in the house. But one of the best things is that it is freestanding, so you can permanently install it in any area of the house to use forever.

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One the other hand, it consumes 190 kilowatts hour per year. That’s why; it is economically favorable for you.

Like energy consumption, this machine with a lot of features has an affordable price. Once you buy this machine, you do not need to worry about the electricity bill and any other repairing issue.

This AEG L6FBG141R has 51 dB noise levels, which makes this machine a silent and noiseless product. So, If you are sitting close to the machine while it is working, it doesn’t create any headache.

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This washing machine also has an LED display and creates a decent effect during usage. Manu control is at the top of this machine. Using controls, you can handle and adjust the speed, rotation, and performance of the machine.

Pros & Cons

  • LED display
  • Attractive design
  • Affordable price
  • A+++ energy class rating
  • Noise less with 51 dB
  • 1400 rounds in a minute
  • 10KG weight holding capacity
  • Pro sense technology
  • Heavyweight weight
  • No child lock
  • Only white color

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