Hoover HBWM814D in 8KG Review

This machine carries 8 KG weight of dirty clothes in its cylinder; that’s why; it’s a good and efficient product if you have a big family. The design of the big holding drum makes the hoover an outstanding machine.

Hoover HBWM814D is considered to be a better product than others due to its features and price range. If we talk about its functions, it has a quick washing option for big families in just a few minutes.

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It needs a very low time for washing. It needs only 14 or a maximum of 45 minutes to wash a huge laundry.

It is much advanced and full of features with different types of life easier options. It contains an automatic adjustment for time and water, etc., which means its own itself manages all the situations to wash the clothes. It also automatically manages energy supply in its working.

In the case of small clothes or baby clothes, it has the option of a baby set. This function allows the user to loads rapidly and not feel a burden without wastage of energy.

If we talk about energy usage, this product is awesome and also has A+++ rating for its energy efficiency.

This machine, after washing, left only 45% of the water in clothes. So, like above, no need to get worried about the drying of clothes. Its rounds per minute or rotating power is very much high. It rounds 1400 in a minute on its axis.

It produces 62 DB sound during its usage. Like other models, this range of sound production is quite high. So, you cannot call it an eco-friendly machine.

Pros & Cons

  • Good for a big family.
  • Having A+++ rating.
  • 1400 RPM speed
  • Quick washing in 14 minutes.
  • Baby program for small clothes.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • The noise is a little bit high during its working.

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